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We are seeking inventive and engaging stories in all forms of motion picture. We are seeking new forms of storytelling. We are seeking stories that address matters of diversity and globalization, particularly the intersection of unique individual experiences and broader historical movements effecting the daily lives of people. We seek projects that are fascinated by an audience whose stories or preferred forms of storytelling aren’t yet adequately reflected in the mainstream. In a bid to nurture and develop diverse voices, we seek to support bold emerging artists and filmmakers committed to preserving the culture and history of people who otherwise have limited exposure in cinematic expression.





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Every day in America and across the globe we witness the world become a smaller yet more expansive place. The melting pot of difference exists in a vast and complex environment where it can merge, transform and develop anew. Never before has there been such an intertwining in the histories of peoples and the intense brilliance of individuals as there is today; the paths forward are only possible together. While for many this accelerating world brings more hope and opportunity, for many others, the world escalates deeper into fear, suffering and dead ends. We hope to support artists in celebrating, investigating and empthazing with this spectrum of existence.



Production and Development Awards

Successful applicants can see up to $5,000 in funding towards narrative or documentary short or feature films, television shows or pilots, web-series or music videos.

Additionally, successful applicants can see up to $15,000 in consultation from a writer, director and producer during development and an editor in post-production.


Applications can be for any type of project of cinema quality. Successful applicants will have an offline editor sculpt the entire project, worth up to $45,000.





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Immersive gaming and E-sport have transformed entertainment forever but this is just the beginning. We believe that the art possible in interactive entertainment or "gaming" is a new frontier, one of the next steps in mainstream storytelling. We are also convinced that current E-sport, whilst groundbreaking, represents what could be a step towards some of the ultimate forms of human competition. To the skeptics of a shift toward new mainstream forms of entertainment, we simply say, you're wrong!




Successful applicants will collaborate with a writer and director, valued at up to $15,000, to develop story, dialogue and cutscene visualization plans for a gaming concept or completed console, computer or mobile game.


Applicants should be deep into developing a VR project, aiming to utilize the storytelling potential found in this new technology. We want to shepherd the first wave of VR storytellers and artists into the mainstream by offering up to $25,000 of writing, directing and editing consultation to develop new storytelling language whist bringing traditional forms of storytelling to this new medium.





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Technology and motion picture are historically inseparable. At Cadency Media we love that technology gives us new ways to tell stories, and we want to engage with others who love it as much as us.

Making visual art on drones fitted with cameras is simultaneously cutting edge and becoming commonplace. We've seen drones used in Game of Thrones, and in the near future, blockbuster sports will be filmed on agile camera drones. The technology is improving incredibly fast whilst being excellent now. Most importantly, the best ways to utilize drones in motion picture storytelling are still being developed by filmmakers - which is what interests us the most.




Successful applicants can see up to $5,000 in funding toward a short film, music video or ad spec where the principal photography is 70% on a 4k drone of cinema quality. Additionally, successful applicants will see up to $10,000 in consultation from a writer during development and an editor in post-production.


Applications can be for any type of project that is at least 50% filmed on a 4k drone of cinema quality.Successful applicants will have an offline editor sculpt the entire project, worth up to $40,000.


The success and scope of the awards are entirely at the discretion of our panel. At present we are extremely selective, solely targeting projects that are mutually relevant. Our aim is for these awards to be unconditionally annual by 2021.

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