Our philosophy is that we take good work to the next level. 

Cadency Media's mission: to be the industry's destination for creative innovation and analytical excellence in shaping important stories into compelling emotional expression for today's audience. A team of top university graduates comprising of artists, consultants, technicians and writers will provide creative solutions that shepherd stories and storytellers through all evolutionary phases of motion picture creation. Our expertise will help you stand out in this vast ocean of video-chaos. Our experience covers branding and commercial projects to narrative film and documentary; from script, to shoot, to the final cut. Our specialists have experience on videos that have raised over $700k, up to 12 times more than projected by clients. Our artists have worked in over 10 languages, and on projects that have been official selections at film festivals on every habitable continent, winning awards from numerous authorities on cinema, including the Director's Guild of America and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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